What makes one SAT manual better than another?


When it comes to any kind of study guide or manual, “better” is a highly relative term. Everyone studies differently and takes in information in a unique way, so the “right” guide for you may not be much help, or any at all, to the person next to you. There are, however, some basic rules for makes a good SAT manual, and some things you should look for when choosing one.

First is the layout. Is the information presented in a way that’s clear and concise? Are the sample questions laid out the way you can expect to see them on the SAT? Does the guide you choose offer a comprehensive overview of the test and what you can anticipate seeing, or does it focus heavily on one section or aspect of the SAT? In the middle of the test is not the time to find out your SAT study guide did not cover a point you need to know about!

Another thing to consider is how the study guide works with your own unique style of study. An SAT manual that doesn’t help you study is about as useful to you as a paperweight: great for keeping things on your desk, not so much for studying. When it comes to the SAT, preparation and being ready for the test are vitally important, so having the right study guide for you is a critical consideration.

When it comes to the SAT, there’s no one right way to study for it, but there are many wrong ways to prepare. Choosing the wrong SAT study guide can be disastrous to your chances for a score that truly reflects your academic potential and offers the best possible higher-education options. Finding in the middle of the SAT that you didn’t get all the math preparation you needed because your manual focused mostly on the language section is probably the worst time to learn your study guide failed you in some respect.

When it comes to an SAT manual, choosing one that covers all the material as you can expect to encounter it on the test and works with your unique mode of study is important to your success. 2400 Expert can help you choose a guide that will give you the best possible preparation to ensure you get a score that really shows major universities what you’re capable of.

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