Unconventional Ways to Boost Your SAT Score

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If you don't use one of these on your scantron, then it didn't happen.

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Let’s face it – there is no denying the importance of the almighty SAT score.  For years it has been the standard in assessing a student’s academic profile and as a result, improving scores has become a top priority to most high school students.  Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to improve your scores, and they don’t all involve burying your nose in a book for hours on end.  Read on to learn about those extra little performance boosting tips that are too often neglected.

1. Exercise Boosts Academic Performance
Contrary to the “all brawn and no brain” stereotype, there is lots of research correlating exercise with academic performance.  Recent studies have shown that exercise increases the production of brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) which plays a vital role in learning and memory.

sat study guide

To do: defend lunch money, conquer SAT

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As it turns out, hitting the gym is just as important as hitting the books.

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 2. Don’t neglect breakfast
There is some truth to the old adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Breakfast has long been linked to increased performance, participation and attendance.  When you go to sleep, areas of your brain become slower since they will not be used during the time you are sleeping.  However, your brain does not “wake up” simply because you opened your eyes.  Eating something in the morning engages your body’s metabolism, and helps to signify to your brain that you are awake.  Skipping breakfast before an exam is akin to halfway sleeping through it.

sat study guide

Like anyone would want to miss out on this.

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sat study guide

For those of us who lack time or culinary skills.

3. Sleep is a necessity after all
Despite all our efforts to stave off sleep in order to fit everything into our daily lives, sleep is actually necessary for academic performance.  Lack of proper rest could result in a good chunk of studied material going out the window. The brain processes and stores new information from the day during sleep.  Rather than study the same thing over and over, adjust your schedule to include sleep, and study smarter.

sat study guide

This is not adjusting your schedule to accommodate more sleep.

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sat study guide

Body heat is an excellent source of warmth in cold sleeping conditions.

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These tips can help give you the edge you need, but will not get you completely off the hook from good old fashion studying.  If you are looking for SAT books you can always contact 2400 Expert for advice from those who personally know how to get a perfect score.

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