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  • “The 2400 Expert SAT Prep Course has prepared me very well for the SAT and I feel more confident taking this test. This class has taught me the strategies I need to succeed in getting a great score. Thanks for the help!”

    Tierra Patmavanu

    The Meadows School
    SAT Score Improvement: 420

  • “The 2400 Expert curriculum combines expertise and passion for the SAT, along with top-notch teaching materials that inspire even the most unmotivated to succeed. I have now achieved confidence and proficiency on the SAT that I never had. My family agrees that it was the best $999 we have ever spent.”

    Madison Santoli
West Career Tech Academy
    SAT Score Improvement: 560

  • “2400 Expert is simply the perfect class for SAT preparation. The various techniques taught by the instructor simplify everything, transcending the useless hours of preparation offered by other companies. 2400 Expert has given me the best results in the fastest amount of time.”

    Patrick Tarzi
Valley High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 530

  • “2400 Expert is the key to making your dreams come true. They give you the tools you need to increase your chances at having a better future.”

    Edwin Onattu

    Clark High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 650

  • “My SAT score has improved by over 500 points from the first week of class to over 2000+!”

    Alexander Tryon
Valley High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 590

  • “The 2400 Expert SAT Prep Course has taught me a lot about cracking the tough SAT test. I learned many strategies that will help me to achieve the score I want and be accepted into the university of my choice”

    Mikawa Walzoa
Bishop Gorman High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 430

  • “My first SAT was horrendous, but with the help of 2400 Expert I was able to improve my score a substantial amount. I learned how to efficiently write essays, answer reading, writing, and math problems, and how to be an overall better test-taker.”

    Devan Holmes
Liberty High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 370

  • “The instructor was extremely helpful with tips and personal experiences. The prep materials are superior and helped me to improve my scores more than any Princeton Review or Kaplan book.”

    Anubad Mahapatra

    Clark High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 310

  • “As a senior, I was really pushing the time limit for my SAT. I only had about 3 months for my last shot at the SAT. I turned to this course and honestly I first doubted myself with the time limit I had, but amazingly I improved my score about 500 points! This course definitely helped me.”

    Ming Cheng

    Spring Valley High School
    SAT Score Improvement: 530

  • “2400 Expert helped me so much in all areas including math, reading, and writing. The lessons, instruction, and material was rigorous at first, but in the end, it gets easier. It even helped me at school as well as on my AP exams!”

    Matthew Simmons
East Career Tech Academy
    SAT Score Improvement: 580

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