SAT Manuals Written By Authors Who Scored a Perfect 2400

When you’re studying for the SAT or any test, you obviously want study material prepared by the best: people who really know and understand the material and how to get the highest possible scores. Unfortunately, many SAT manuals are written by people who may have scored high in their selected fields, but very few are written with a comprehensive overall view of how to get the best possible score on the SAT. This doesn’t mean these manuals are bad or without merit, but they may not get you the results you were hoping for.

2400Expert’s SAT training materials are different. They were all written by people including Shaan Patel, the founder and president of 2400Expert, who achieved the milestone of a perfect SAT score. These people know that a high SAT score is a stepping stone to a number of prestigious universities, giving you the best chance for academic success at the best-known colleges in the world.

The SAT guides 2400Expert uses are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of what to expect on the test, as well as common mistakes students make which can cost them dearly when it comes to scoring the test. Some examples of these are commonly-mistaken homonyms, such as “reign” (to rule), “rain” (water falling from the sky), and “rein” (the strap which allows a person to control a horse); errors frequently made on the essay portions of the test; and common math gaffes people commit.

Having a test manual written by someone who can ace Calculus but doesn’t know much about English can be devastating. Of course, if you’re an English whiz who only needs to brush up on your Calc skills, it’s probably not a handicap, but why take chances? The best SAT books give you the best chance of success by giving you real, proven, time-tested tools for making good scores on the SAT and achieving your fullest potential.

There are a lot of SAT prep courses out there, and all of them have their pluses and minuses. But when it comes to preparing for the SAT, would you rather have a course that only teaches you a little of what you need to know, or the “total package?” 2400 Expert’s SAT guides are written by people who know how to ace the SAT . . . because they’ve done it! It’s your future; so don’t settle for less than the best you can possibly find.

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