Perfect Score SAT Student Offers Test Prep Classes in Las Vegas


2400 Expert is a revolutionary educational services provider that offers exceptional SAT test preparation resources and instruction to high school students. The organization seeks to provide students with the problem-solving skills necessary to not only improve their SAT performance, but also excel academically, build confidence, and ultimately have a successful educational career.

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Over a million students take the SAT test every year, and only a handful achieve a perfect score. Shaan Patel got his perfect 2400 score a few years ago while attending Clark High School in Las Vegas. To pass on his strategies and success to the local Southern Nevada community, Patel founded 2400 Expert, a premier SAT preparation company that now offers test prep classes in Las Vegas (in addition to its original Los Angeles courses).

“Achieving a high SAT score changed my life,” said Shaan Patel president and founder of 2400 Expert. “I was admitted into prestigious colleges, granted over $230,000 in scholarships, featured in local and national media, and even got to meet the President of the United States.”

But Patel did not start out with a perfect score. His first practice SAT score was a pedestrian 1760, and the 640-point improvement came through focused summer preparation by which he uncovered the right way to prepare for the SAT. His winning mindset is one of the most important assets Patel instills in his students.

border SAT Prep Course Features

In order for Shaan’s students to improve their SAT scores by hundreds of points quickly, the 2400 Prep Course focuses on the four key principles that Patel developed from his own SAT preparation. Each step is designed to create a test-breaking mindset and develop the skills needed for success.

  • “Superb Strategies” to show students the most effective methods to solve problems.
  • “Explicatory Examples” from real tests to illustrate each strategy on actual SAT questions.
  • He guides students through most efficient techniques for “Perfect Practice.” 
  • Maximizes score improvement through “Routine Review.”


SAT Prep Course Schedule

The summer 2400 Prep Course includes 60 classroom hours and is offered in two sessions, one in Las Vegas and one in Los Angeles, but both taught by Shaan. Patel’s students attend two 3-hour classes per week that are limited to a maximum of 12 students.

Every Sunday, students complete a full-length SAT examination proctored by Patel. And if knowing that your score will be significantly higher upon completion of the course is not enough, the student in each class with the highest score on the final Sunday receives a free Apple iPad!

Additionally, 2400 Expert is giving away $2400 in scholarships to high school students nationwide. To inquire further about how you can pave your path to success, visit

Contact us today at (702) 952-9566. We can get you that perfect score you want!



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