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Meet Shaan

Shaan Patel is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where he grew up in a small motel his parents owned and managed. For grade school, he attended various urban public schools including Hyde Park Middle School and Clark High School.

After taking a no-nonsense approach to SAT preparation and learning many effective strategies of the SAT elite, Shaan was able to improve his score from 1760 to a perfect 2400.

Undoubtedly, Shaan’s SAT score took his academic success to new heights. The labors of his test preparation offered him the opportunity to receive admission into prestigious universities, obtain over $230,000 in scholarships, and win national awards.

Shaan is now the founder of 2400 Expert: The Nation’s Only SAT Prep Developed by a Student Who Achieved a Perfect 2400 in High School. He has spent countless hours developing effective SAT strategies and coursework that really work!

We are extremely grateful for the success 2400 Expert has had in the community, which has led us to become the largest test prep provider in Nevada. We look forward to continuing to help students to improve SAT scores, gain college acceptance, and win scholarships!

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SAT Prep Course Developed By a Student Who Achieved 2400 in High School