Get a Free SAT Manual from Shaan Patel, Who Scored a Perfect 2400 on the SAT!

All SAT manuals are not the same. Most SAT manuals are written as a collaboration between authors, each of whom brings their own expertise to the table. All of these authors, no matter how knowledgeable they may be, present the information they’re trying to impart through the lens of their own experience and background. This inevitably leads to a “biased” or “slanted” version of what to expect on the SAT. To further complicate the issue, none of these authors scored a perfect score on the SAT!

Having a Las Vegas SAT tutor who didn’t get a perfect score on the SAT is like having a mechanic who’s never torn down a motor working on your engine! Luckily, 2400Expert has an SAT manual written by Shaan Patel, one of the few people who has achieved this milestone. Even better for you, they’re offering it absolutely free!

Everybody likes to get free stuff, but ask yourself this: What would free SAT manuals authored by someone who has actually aced the SAT be worth? You’d at least want to check it out, right? Of course you would! 2400Expert makes it quick and simple to get this powerful road map to SAT success, featuring tips, strategies, and helpful hints such as how to write your SAT essay . . . before you ever see the topic!

Getting this guide is quick and simple, too! Everyone these days has Twitter and Facebook, and so does 2400Expert! All you have to do is follow 2400Expert on Facebook or Twitter (@2400expert). Then post or Tweet “2400 Expert Rocks!” in your Facebook or Twitter feed to receive a secure download link for your own copy of this powerful guide. Easy, right? Hey, you’re going to be on FB and Twitter anyway. While you’re talking about your plans for the weekend, why not take ten seconds and get yourself a guide that will help with your future?

When you’re looking for a Las Vegas SAT tutor who knows the real secrets of success on this important test, 2400Expert can help. With practical, simple, easy-to-follow advice and hints that will help you improve your score, this hard-hitting guide offers all the tips and tactics you need to maximize your SAT potential. And for the time it takes to send a Tweet or post a quick note on Facebook, it’s a great investment in your future success!

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