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Advanced Summer SAT Course

June 2015 – July 2015

*Only Open to Students Who Are Already Scoring in the 2000 Range*

200-Hour Course Structure
In six weeks, students will attend a total of 120 classroom hours at the 2400 Expert Test Center and complete 80 hours of SAT homework. This 200-Hour 2400 SAT Prep will help you achieve an elite SAT score you never thought possible. The cost of the course is $14.99 per classroom hour. All books and materials included. No Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

Click Here for course schedules (takes place in June-July).
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SAT Partner Course: Meadows School

January 2015 – February 2015 (Only Open to Meadows Students)

2400 Expert is partnering with high schools to offer SAT prep courses on campus! All books and materials included.

Meadows 2015 Course Schedule

Click Here for course testimonials and to view the 2000 Club.

School Contact: David Lamb, Upper School Director


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