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As a freshman in high school, the number thing you should focus on is your surroundings. Figure out the entire high school system, both the social system and the educational system. This means to study high school carefully and see how you can achieve what you want in high school. High school is an experience that you will never forget, but also remember, it is a time for you to figure out where you fit in. Of course, how you are in high school cannot truly determine how you will be in society and you will drastically change as you move forward in your life, but while in high school, take the opportunity to see the outside world the same way because high school and the real world are related. Even though some people say that high school is absolutely worthless and what you learn in high school: the SAT study guide you read, the mathematical equations you memorized, you will never apply in the real world. In a sense this is true, but not absolutely true.

To the entire freshman class out there, listen up. High school is not about memorizing equations and learning the famous authors of American literary history, it is about how to learn and how to handle yourself. Of course, trigonometry and short poems by Emily Dickinson cannot help you in society– not necessarily, but how you were able to learn these mathematical concepts and how you put in the time you put into reading and understanding an Emily Dickinson poem is useful in becoming successful in society. In high school, you are trying to figure out yourself, the best way you learn and how to interpret new information. The number one thing you should learn from high school is yourself. Why did you fail that test? Could you have done better? Why didn’t you do better? Every freshman will ask themselves these questions, and each and every freshman will know the answer. The thing is, to be successful in high school, college and life, you need to learn how to correct your wrongs – this is most important.

Soon, the SAT examination and college will be an option and you will start to think about money and what to spend it on. An SAT study guide can be expensive.  Going to college can be expensive. But, take little steps towards your goals. Ask yourself: why do you want to go to college? Is college for me? Eventually, you will begin to ask questions regarding your future, and so take the time to figure it out. Talk to people, make friends while in high school, study new things, always have in the back of your mind what is it that you want to do for and in society and destroy your fears. Success is not measured by the amount of money you make or how people look at you, it’s what you do for the world. So, freshman, prepare yourself for the world that you will create in the future. Prepare yourself by taking the extra time, making the extra effort, doing everything you can to be the best you can be in whatever career you choose. Purchase the SAT study guide, think about ways to earn or receive money for college. After you make it big is when you can finally relax and enjoy your accomplishments.

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