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Everyone knows what you are supposed to do after you graduate high school.  Go to college.  The reason why you go to college is to obtain a job in a specific field that in return will net you a large sum of money.  There are many things that a new college student must do to prepare for college – things such as deciding which college to go to, preparing for and taking the SATS, finding the financial aid to assist with costs.  These tasks alone can be very daunting, and can take an extreme toll on a new college student.  Every year, millions of new college students begin and graduate from many different colleges throughout the globe.  These colleges produce some of the best doctors, lawyers, and teachers on earth.  These people, however, were not just handed those college degrees.  Those people had to earn those degrees. When deciding which college to attend, a new college student must know which college will suit them best.  Granted everyone wishes that they could go to Harvard or Yale.  The cold reality is that an ivy-league education is not as obtainable as one would hope.  However, downtrodden, there is still hope.  Not all doctors, lawyers and teachers graduate from ivy-league schools.  The fact is that the majority of the Doctors, lawyers and teachers did not graduate from Harvard or Yale.

New college students need to consider all of the options presented to them when deciding on which college to attend.  For some new college students, it may be best to attend a local community college prior to attending a large university. Whichever college a new student decides to attend there is one thing all colleges will need.  The SAT is a standardized exam that most colleges and universities use to receive insight as to whether or not a new student is prepared for college level academics.  The test is divided into three separate subjects, with a total possible score of 800 per subject.  A 2400 SAT score is considered to be a perfect score and requires a lot of dedication and determination to receive.

Over 1,000,000 new college students each year prepare for and take the SAT standardized exam.  Out of those students, only around twenty will receive a perfect 2400 SAT score. A new college student can receive a 2400 SAT score, the college of their choosing all lined up ready to go, however there is yet another obstacle in the way.  College is expensive.  A new college student must be on the lookout at all times for anything that may qualify them for scholarships and grants.

New college students want to take advantage of Scholarships and grants.  Unlike loans, scholarships and grants do not require the recipients to pay back any money that was used for the education they received.  School loans must be paid in full within a given period of time, and they must also be paid back with some form of interest on top of the original amount of monies lent. A new college student with a 2400 SAT score should have no problem find scholarships and grants for their education.

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