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2400 Expert is a revolutionary educational services provider that offers exceptional SAT test preparation resources and instruction to high school students. Our mission is to provide students with the problem-solving skills necessary to not only improve their SAT performance, but also excel academically, build confidence, and ultimately have a successful educational career.

Shaan Patel founded 2400 Expert in 2010 because of his dissatisfaction with most other SAT prep materials available. After scoring a perfect 2400 on his SAT in high school, Shaan knew that the most efficient approaches that he had used to succeed on this exam simply were not in any books nor taught in any prep courses.

Therefore, Shaan developed 2400 Expert, a test preparation company students and parents can rely on for unprecedented SAT resources and instruction. 2400 Expert provides premier SAT preparation based on the following two principles:

    SAT-Only Focus

    SAT-Only Focus

    Our narrow concentration on only the SAT exam allows us to provide the highest quality test prep materials, strategies, and approaches related to this specific exam. We believe companies that offer test preparation for too many different standardized exams may be offering sup-par services by biting off more than they can chew. At 2400 Expert, we sacrifice quantity for quality. By focusing only on the SAT, we make sure students only receive the highest level of material and preparation.

    Perfect Instructors

    Unprecedented Material

    The foundation of 2400 Expert rests upon quality SAT preparation material developed by Shaan Patel. The current 2400 Prep Course, private tutoring packages, and other SAT preparation resources we provide are all based on strategies, manuals, lessons, and coursework Shaan spent hundreds of hours developing – material that is not only used by the SAT pros, but also content that is easy to understand.

Although 2400 Expert currently only provides personal SAT instruction in Southern Nevada, our company intends to help all high school students achieve academic success. Thus, we continue to provide services to help students around the world achieve college success, including, but not limited to, offering scholarships to help fund college-related expenses, supplying a vast amount of educational resources and information, providing an online forum for high school students to interact and learn from their peers, and implementing advanced technologies that allow students to interact directly with 2400 Expert instructors.

We will continue to update our services and courses in order to assure students only receive cutting-edge, premier SAT resources at 2400 Expert.

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