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2400 Prep Course
  • Students (Anywhere) – Receive 2400 Expert Private SAT/ACT Tutoring via the 2400 Expert Online Classroom
  • Students (Las Vegas) – Receive 2400 Expert Private SAT/ACT Tutoring In-Person

2400 Expert Private SAT (or ACT) Tutoring is tailored specifically to individual student needs. Whether a student is having trouble with Math, Reading, or Writing, 2400 Expert Instructors will modify lesson plans according to the particular needs of each student.

Some SAT “gurus” charge up to $1000/hour for private SAT tutoring. At 2400 Expert, not only will you get personal tutoring from true SAT experts, but we also do not charge anywhere near what the “gurus” do.

Check out the packages below and sign up to receive private SAT tutoring with 2400 Expert today! Enroll online or call 702-952-9566. Parents who purchase the package online will be contacted by a member of our management team within 24 hours after purchase or can call us to schedule their sessions.

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Receive 8, 16, or 24 hours of private SAT/ACT tutoring from 2400 Expert

  • Choose hours that work for you!
  • SAT tutoring can take place in the convenience of your home, at a library that is convenient for you, or via the 2400 Expert Online Classroom
  • All books and materials included: 2400 Expert SAT Strategy Manual, 2,000+ Real SAT Practice Questions, and Review Notebook

Private SAT Tutoring with Shaan Patel

Students can receive tutoring with perfect SAT score instructor and founder of 2400 Expert – Shaan Patel – anywhere in the world via the 2400 Expert Online Classroom. However, Shaan’s time is bound by his MD/MBA program. Therefore, there is a premium on Private SAT Tutoring with Shaan and availability is limited.

Group Discounts

Have a group of 2, 3, or 4 students who would like to get private SAT tutoring together? Call us at 702-952-9566 to inquire about group discounts!

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Enroll Today!

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