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2400 Prep Course

Our Foundation: 4 Key Principles

In order for students to improve their SAT scores hundreds of points, the 2400 SAT Prep Course focuses on four key tenets that founder Shaan Patel used in his own SAT preparation to achieve a 2400. You won’t find the instruction of these principles anywhere else.

Superb Strategies

2400 Strategies

The most effective approaches to tackle each different question type on the SAT. Shaan developed 2400 Strategies by literally pulling the tactics he used in high school out of his SAT notebook. He also went back and did every SAT question type again, but this time recorded the subtle thought processes that go on in his head as he solves a question.

Unlike other test-prep methods that only tell students what to do, 2400 Strategies include the detailed, step-by-step procedure of how students should think to arrive at the correct answer. For the first time ever, students will be able to literally peek in at the mind of a perfect 2400 SAT student!

Explicatory Examples

2400 Examples

The illustrative models Shaan developed to clarify concepts. Students learn from concrete examples of SAT strategies in action. 2400 Examples often follow 2400 Strategies in order to demonstrate how to use strategies on actual SAT problems. In addition, 2400 Expert offers students Personal 2400 Examples, which include actual material Shaan used in high school.

Perfect Practice

2400 Practice

Ever heard the cliche “practice makes perfect?” On the SAT, 2400 Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, most students do not know how to practice to make the biggest score gains. 2400 Expert not only gives students the best questions Shaan himself used to prepare for the SAT, but also teaches the most efficient way to practice on those questions.

After students learn a particular 2400 Strategy, they will have relevant 2400 Practice questions to hone their new test-taking skills on. Students will constantly rehearse on 2400 Practice questions in class and outside of class to make the greatest score improvements.

Routine Review

2400 Review

This principle is perhaps the most overlooked in all of SAT preparation. The above three principles can improve SAT scores lots, but in order to maximize score improvement students need to identify and fix their specific weak areas. 2400 Review, the regular reexamination of 2400 Strategies, 2400 Examples, and 2400 Practice questions students have already completed, is the key to pinpointing trouble areas.

2400 Expert focuses on personal weak areas of each individual student and reviews concepts students have difficulty with. The brain (especially a scattered one like that of a high school student) can only process so much information at once and often forgets what it once learned. Unlike other SAT prep courses that only go over a concept once and never come back to it again, the 2400 SAT Prep Course takes the time to go back and thoroughly review past topics.

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We only teach the SAT and the ACT. Our narrow concentration on solely the SAT and the ACT  allows us to provide the highest quality test prep materials, strategies, and approaches for these specific college admissions exams. Companies that offer test preparation for too many different standardized exams often offer sub-par services by biting off more than they can chew. At 2400 Expert, we sacrifice quantity for quality. To make sure students are fully prepared for the SAT and ACT, we focus all of our attention on these two tests.

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Course Materials

We provide all the materials necessary to fully prepare for the SAT.

Superb Strategy Guide

2400 Expert SAT Strategy Manual

All 2400 Strategies along with associated 2400 Examples bound up neatly for you to refer to even when you have completed the 2400 SAT Prep Course. These are the personal tactics Shaan used to conquer the SAT and cannot be found anywhere else.

Perfect Practice Questions

2400 Practice Questions

Over 3,000 2400 Practice Questions will be provided so that you have more than enough material to practice your test skills on. Students will also receive 2400 Practice Questions to use even after they have completed the 2400 SAT Prep Course to assure they always have quality questions to practice on.

2400 Expert Vocabulary Book

2400 Expert Vocabulary Book

Don’t waste your time memorizing vocabulary words that may not even appear on the exam. Instead, learn the exact same vocabulary words Shaan memorized for his own SAT. Unlike other test prep companies, we won’t just give you a list of words and leave you stranded. Instead, 2400 Expert teaches you the most effective method to memorize hundreds of SAT vocabulary words without getting overwhelmed, without forgetting previous words, and in very little time! The memorization system Shaan developed is so simple, anyone can do it!

Routine Review Notebook

2400 Review Notebook

Students will receive a notebook that has been customized in order to efficiently track 2400 Strategies, 2400 Examples, and 2400 Practice questions they have already done. The notebook will serve as each student’s individual reference book of specific, personal weak areas in Math, Critical Reading and Writing.

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100 Hour Course Structure

Throughout the course of your six weeks, you will attend a total of 60 classroom hours at the 2400 Expert Test Center as well as complete at least 40 hours of SAT homework at home. In total, this 100-hour 2400 SAT program will help you achieve an SAT score you never thought possible. A breakdown of the course structure is as follows:

36 Hours of Personal Class Instruction

Students spend twelve 3-hour sessions being directly tutored at our 2400 Expert Test Center. Each classroom session includes the following:

2400 Strategy Instruction

2400 Expert instructors teach students the most effective strategy to approach every question type on the SAT.

2400 Example Illustration

To clarify concepts, 2400 Expert instructors demonstrate how to use each 2400 Strategy on illuminating 2400 Examples.

2400 Practice Rehearsal

Students will have the opportunity to practice the 2400 Strategies they just learned on actual SAT questions in class.

2400 Review

2400 Expert Instructors review in-class 2400 Practice problem sets, assigned SAT homework, and previous topics in order to pinpoint students’ problem areas as well as refresh forgotten concepts.

Vocabulary Quiz

Students learn words from the 2400 Expert Vocabulary Book and will be given short quizzes in class to track their progress.

24 Hours of Proctored SAT Exams

Students will complete 6 full-length SAT exams (approximately 4 hours each) at the 2400 Expert Test Center. Students complete one diagnostic examination before the 2400 SAT Prep Course to give us an idea of initial test strengths and weaknesses.

Students also complete one final SAT examination after completion of 2400 SAT Prep Course to track score progress. SAT tests simulate real testing conditions so that students are comfortable on their actual test day.

40 Hours of SAT Homework

Students are assigned approximately 40 hours of SAT homework to complete outside of class. Homework will coincide with the subject matter of previous classes in order to reinforce concepts.

2400 Expert instructors assign 2400 Practice problems to complete, vocabulary words to memorize, 2400 Strategies to preview, as well as personalized homework so that each individual student can 2400 Review his or her own problematic areas.

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Small Class Sizes

Fear that you won’t get enough personal attention in an SAT prep class? No need to worry, we’ll make sure you get the individual instruction you deserve. All of the 2400 SAT Prep Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 students per class. A small, intimate classroom setting allows 2400 Expert instructors to focus on individual student needs.

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Back To The Basics

These days it seems like SAT prep is offered on computer software, the internet, and even your cell phone!? Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for technology and believe it can have its educational advantages. But when it comes to SAT prep, text messaging certainly isn’t going to improve your vocabulary or hone your math skills.

Therefore, the 2400 SAT Prep Course takes SAT prep back to the basics by focusing on good old pencil and paper preparation. Sure, we use some techie stuff like PowerPoints and this website, but the course will mimic how Shaan prepared for the SAT – without all the gizmos and gadgets. After all, iPads weren’t around when Shaan took the SAT, so we don’t think they’re necessary to achieve the score you desire.

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